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Tired of calling your drivers with no response? Feeling so frustrated because you can’t reach him when the client is constantly questioning you on his location You obviously know your driver is either driving or maybe taking a quick bathroom break. By calling him while he’s driving, you’re actually jeopardizing his life.

Furthermore, don’t you think it’s annoying for your drivers to receive calls every 20-30 minutes? Your drivers are slogging their lives out on the road only to keep receiving calls from you. Conflicts are bound to arise from these situations.

So why go through this vexing and dangerous process when you can locate your driver without calling them? After all, it only takes 5 seconds.


Let us decode this question by an experiment. First, find a watch that has the stopwatch function and start the timer. Next, call your driver until he picks up and ask where is he. Once you have hung up, stop the timer.

How long did you take? Pretty sure it took more than 5 seconds.

Next, do the same experiment for 5 of your drivers. Did everyone answer? And most importantly, were they speaking the truth? So imagine now, in just 5 SECONDS, you can track and locate ALL of your drivers in a single place, our tracking portal. Wouldn’t that be more productive and time-saving?

Still not convinced? Have our Skyfy sales team to travel down to YOUR office and let them conduct a demo for you. All for FREE. You don’t even have to sign or agree to anything, unless you’re finally convinced and ready to be our valued clients.






This is a 5 seconds test that we did with no fast forwarding.

Once inside Skyfy Technology’s portal, every vehicle detail will be transparent to the user. From location, speed, mileage, past routes, traffic, engine status, and many more.

The steps to achieve what we did are below!


It’s as easy as opening your Facebook to look at your friends’ posts.

Step 1 – Login with PC/Mobile/Tablet

Login with your credentials given by us. Save the web portal to your desktop or install our mobile app for easy access.

Step 2 – See where your drivers are

Regardless whether it’s Woodlands, Changi or Jurong, you can find your drivers once you login, in just 5 seconds.

Step 3 – See everything under the sun

View the vehicles’ speed, location, mileage, idling time and even the past routes taken by them 2 weeks ago.

Skyfy Vehicle Tracking System Version 4.0 – VTS 4.0


Skyfy VTS 4.0 is a widely-known fleet management system in Singapore. It currently manages over 4000+ vehicles with its Sweden-based technology.

With Industry 4.0 shifting into place, demand for smarter technologies has been increasing over the years.  It’s no surprise that the fleet industry has adopted Industry 4.0 into their system by having a fleet management system that has the capability to support their needs. It’s no longer enough to call your drivers to locate them. I’m sure you want transparency in your fleet details, and we can provide that seamlessly – with Skyfy’s newly revised VTS version 4.0.

Mobile responsive, easy UI/UX interface and seamless connection are we have adopted into our VTS 4.0. Location, mileage, idling time, fuel usage, harsh acceleration and braking are just a few cards of a full deck in our system. Want a taste of our newly revised system? We offer free demos at your convenience, so why not make use of that?

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With Skyfy, think of our tracking feature as the brain and our other features as the body. Our Fleet Management System provides a plethora of features in our all-encompassing system. Each feature works hand-in-hand with each other to form our VTS 4.0.

Below are some key features that we provide:

24/7 Live Tracking

Track your drivers anywhere and anytime with any smart devices. Access their location easily with our web-based portal even while you’re overseas.

Fuel Saving Guarantee

At Skyfy, we are so confident that companies will save at least 20% in fuel using our system. That is precisely why we offer a 1 year saving guarantee cashback.

Customizable Reports

With the emerging technology of automation, automated logging on vehicular details are captured and detailed into our reports. View them in either daily, weekly, monthly, or even your selected range of dates.

Driver Recognition

Wondering which driver is driving which vehicle today? Our iButton ‘recognizes’ your driver with just a ‘tap’. It’s even compatible with our immobilizer!

Engine Immobilizer

Vehicle stolen? No problem! With Skyfy’s Vehicle Recovery System, you can lock down and immobilize your vehicle immediately. With the iButton attached, drivers can only start the vehicle if the vehicle ‘recognizes’ them.


A virtual ‘fence’ that allows you to be notified whenever your vehicles enter or exit the ‘fence’. These fences can be placed at your office, warehouses, or even your clients’ place!

Mobile-friendly UI/UX

Locate and dispatch jobs to drivers with your mobile within seconds, anytime anywhere – as long there’s internet connectivity. Drivers can accept dispatch jobs through our mobile app easily.

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One of the most trusted fleet management company in Singapore, Skyfy Technology ensures their clients with the newest and up-to-date GPS technology. With  companies like Ren Ci, NTUC Unity and Xi De Li subscribing to our services, we have grown from 10 to 1523 clients, 5 to 45 employees, 0 to 5 million turnover.

We are also the preferred vendor (only 15 PSG vendors) in Singapore under Enterprise Singapore’s Productivity and Solutions Grant (PSG). With the PSG, you can offset a huge amount (up to 70%) for our Fleet Management System. Book your appointment with us to apply!

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About Skyfy Technology

The name Skyfy, actually means Sky For You. Meaning that, Skyfy allows you to monitor, track and control your vehicle from the Sky. Granting a full-view on your past and current routes of your fleets. Founded in 2013, Skyfy Technology is a partner of SingTel and a logistics enabler for local SMEs via our multi-points integrated Fleet Management System.

Skyfy Technology’s Fleet Management System can impact anyone’s business by increasing overall sales, reducing operations cost, and boosting productivity. We specialize in catering to various industries such as Construction, Engineering, F&B, Logistics, Services and Vehicle Rental companies.

Our team of 45 gurus work endlessly and diligently to ensure top customer and after-sales service.

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Hear what others are saying

  • 5

    I liked that there was good after-sales support and follow up!

    Geofence is our favourite and utilized most out of all features as it notifies us when our drivers arrived at their delivery destination or when they have returned to the warehouse.

  • 5

    We definitely will renew our subscription with Skyfy after the 2 years span! The system has been very helpful in our day-to-day delivery operations.

  • 5

    The system is quite easy to use.

    The camera on the GPS device is useful in the event of any accidents or incidents as we can have evidence to protect ourselves or to verify who was at fault.

  • 4
    The system has been fairly easy to use. We can keep a closer eye on our deliveries because we can track their location and even previous trails our vehicles have taken.
  • 5
    I have been using the system for 4 months and I would rate it 5/5! We are often caught in between our drivers and customers. Now it’s much smoother as I can give an answer directly to our customers. I must say it’s very helpful.
  • 5
    In the past, there were conflicts between our team and customers on no deliveries done by the drivers but the drivers said otherwise. When these issues arise, we can use Skyfy’s portal to verify the vehicles’ path.
  • 4
    The system brings about convenience and saves up quite a bit of time in our delivery management. With Skyfy’s system, we can easily instruct the drivers to make a delivery at their nearby location.
  • 5

    After installing Skyfy's system, I can now easily delegate jobs because I know the locations of the drivers.

    I can now make last minute changes to their routes for delivery to customers in their vicinity.

Save Fuel With Skyfy’s Fuel Saving Guarantee

Previously we did not have any records or evidence of our vehicles’ tracks and location. Now we can conduct spot checks occasionally or try to account for any errant fuel costs. I can now monitor our fuel costs and there are indeed fuel savings. -Ping Form Pte Ltd

Similarly, many clients of ours did not have any records of their fuel consumption and costs. The problem wasn’t that our clients didn’t support the idea of fuel recordings. It was the issue of time consuming, manpower and system integration. Therefore, most of them ignored this aspects and its’ cost saving prospects. With Skyfy Technology’s fuel saving feature, our clients such as Ping Form can now monitor and track their fuel expenditure. Along with Skyfy’s fuel card and report, route optimization, Ping Form managed to cut off a huge load from their fuel expenditure. From the data of his company’s fuel report, the below graph depicts the savings that his company made after installing our Fleet Management System.

See how our client just saved $1300 on a SINGLE vehicle in a year JUST on fuel? Imagine doing much more with our other features.

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What is this Fleet Management System?

A fleet management system is basically the management of commercial vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks etc, aviation, marine vehicles and rail cars. For our system, it compromises of 15 different back-to-back features that helps you manage your fleet better.

Why would I need this Fleet Management System when I only have 1-2 vehicles?

The question is why not? Even if you only have 1-2 vehicles, why wouldn’t you want to track it? After all, its’ <strong>your company’s property</strong> and you want to ensure no mishaps happen to it. Furthermore, there are SO many other features that you could make use of!

What is PSG and how does it work?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is an initiative to assist businesses in their transformation journey. PSG provides support for the adoption of IT solutions and equipment that have been selected by the respective industries’ lead agencies. The PSG Grant provides the following features:

a. Funding of up to 70% of cost;
b. Increase in grant caps;
c. Pre-scoping of IT solutions and equipment with prequalified vendors (for IT solutions); and
d. Simplified grant processes.

You can have an instant eligibility check for your company when you fill up our form.

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Is my company eligible for the PSG?

As of 9th April 2018, only SMEs in the F&B industry are eligible for the PSG. So if you’re operating e.g. Cafes and coffee houses, fast food outlets, food courts, coffee shops, pubs, food caterers, your company will be eligible.

You can have an instant eligibility check for your company when you fill up our form.

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How do I apply for the PSG?

It’s really simple actually. Just fill up our form and our specialist will contact you for a short meetup. He/she will assess your company and help you apply for the PSG if your company is eligible.

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Is there a subscription fee and how much is it per month?

The subscription fee for our Fleet Management System is $35/month. Our pricings are transparent as we don’t hide our licenses and other hidden costs.

I’m worried as I don’t know anything about managing this Fleet Management System.

We provide detailed training that will usually take only about 1-2 hours to educate our clients on the portal usage. Our office hotline is also opened from 9am-6pm if you ever encounter any issues with the portal.

How does the installation process go about?

Firstly, we will arrange an installation where our installers will install our Sweden-assembled tracker on your vehicles. After that, a training session will be conducted and if you’re using the PSG, the claim process can be conducted with the training.

Will my drivers react negatively to them being tracked?

It all boils down to how you explain it to your drivers, after all, you’re doing them a favor by not constantly annoying them with phone calls. Assure them that the system can help you save at least 20% in fuel cost and keep them safe on the road.

Although, communication is the key to retaining your employees. Most of our clients explain to their employees, having a GPS device attached to their vehicles is to increase the operations process and productivity and not to “aim them”. Imagine calling your driver to locate them but they don’t answer as they are driving. What can you do in this situation without a GPS tracker attached to the vehicle?

Besides, as the chinese saying goes – 若要人不知,除非己莫为. When employees have nothing to hide, there won’t be any issues arising. Other than that, practicing good communication skills with employees will be the optimal experience for both employers and employees.

What’s the difference between the previous ICV Grant and the current PSG?

The Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) is a simple to apply, easy-to-use voucher valued at $5,000, to encourage SMEs to develop their business capabilities. Whereas, the PSG provides a funding up to 70% with a max cap of $30,000.


At Skyfy, we believe everyone should only sign up for products and services that they are satisfied with.

Hence, we are rolling out a FREE TRIAL on our VTS 4.0 system to let you evaluate!